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Brand New Leaders:
A Signature Training Program from JTN.

JTN® replaces stuffy professors with engaging online and offline L&D environments – helping junior teams learn how to develop hard and soft skills, build resilience, inject creative thinking and demonstrate their value to their managers and employer.

First-time managers enrolled in JTN’s signature Brand New Leaders™️ program learn effective people and task management skills, as well as practical tools and frameworks to help them support and develop their own teams – ultimately learning how management becomes leadership.

This year-long coaching and training program is led by experienced business leaders with input and advice from new and experienced managers throughout.

Graduates from the program will have a new level of confidence as well as skills critical to success in their new role:

…and much more.

To enroll yourself or team members into the program, contact Cassie Cahill: cassie.cahill@jtn.group / +1 877 465 7740